About Him...

Gong is an architectural designer and part-time photographer in New York City. Most recently, he graduated from Pratt Institute with Master of Science, Architecture degree. He received his Bachelor of Architecture professional degree from China University of Mining and Technology with remarkable academic achievements.

In photography, Gong works independently; He was the president of V-style Photography Association at CUMT in Xuzhou, China. And he owned his small design studio called CNM Studio, which is a non-profit organization serving students and schools.


As an investor, he co-founded Wuhan ZaneHome Trade Co., LTD.,​ in 2015 and BeeWe Arts Education and Consulting Co. Ltd., in 2017.

In his spare time, he likes to travel, watch movies, invest creative projects and run.


Most Recently...


In 2018:


In 2017:

  • 7/17  - Joined abarchitekten as Junior Architect

  • 5/29  - Architectural road trip to Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning/OMA

  • 5/17  - Graduated from Pratt Institute with a post-professional degree Master of Science, Architecture

  • 5/6    - Project "Water Shed" was selected to publish on In Process 22 

  • 4/10  - Co-founded BeeWe Arts Education and Consulting Co. Ltd., with Yajing Yang and Yanli Wen in Chengdu China

  • 2/16  - Began spring semester, taking courses such as: MS Arch Thesis Studio (Tutors: Jason Vigneri-Beane, Thomas Leeser ), Computer Aided Construction Modeling (Tutor: Brian Ringley)

In 2016:

  • 12/28 - Architectural road trip to Grace Farms /SANAA

  • 12/17-12/24 - Architectural trip to The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

  • 9/1 Began fall semester, taking courses such as: Fall Design Studio for MS (Tutor: Meta Brunzema), Digital Fabrication in Arch (Tutors: Jeffrey Taras), Graduate Pro Seminar II (Tutor:Catherine Ingraham )

  • 5/28  - Attended Pratt Institute for Master degree of Architecture

  • 5/20 - Graduated from China University of Mining and Technology with a professional degree Bachelor of Architecture

  • 4/20 - Won 3rd Prize for Natural Remodeling: Design of Chinese Culture and Art Center at Xuzhou Architect Cup Design Competition

Wuhan ZaneHome Trade Co., LTD., Owns the ZaneHome Convenience Store brand and Jingxiang Furniture Designing and Manufacturing brand. The ZaneHome Convenience store is dedicated to providing round-the-clock comprehensive convenience for consumers.

Jingxiang Furniture is the brand of furniture designing and manufacturing under Wuhan ZaneHome Trade Co., LTD., 

BeeWe Arts Education and Consulting Co. Ltd., was established in 2017 in Chengdu,China. It is in the service of art education, online art design consultation.